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False Claims Act Cases

Under the False Claims Act, individuals who have knowledge of fraud on the United States or state governments can sue on behalf of the government in qui tam cases.  Whistleblowers who pursue such claims are awarded a percentage of monies recovered by the government – up to 30% in some circumstances.

We are a nationally recognized leader in false claims litigation.  In 2004, our case set the record for the largest False Claims Act recovery in which the federal government did not intervene.  Representing a whistleblower in that qui tam suit against Pfizer, our lawyers secured a civil settlement of more than $152 million for fraudulent off-label marketing of Neurontin, a prescription drug that had been promoted for several uses for which it had not been approved.

We were also instrumental in a $515 million recovery from Bristol-Myers Squibb Company in a False Claims Act case involving off-label promotion and improper pricing practices.  In addition to pharmaceutical fraud, we have also handled cases involving fraud by defense contractors.  For more information about the False Claims Act, please visit our whistleblower site.

Please use this questionnaire if you have knowledge of fraud on the government and would like us to evaluate your potential False Claims Act case.  Persons who provide the IRS with information concerning serious cases of tax evasion may also be eligible for substantial rewards – to contact us about a potential claim under the IRS whistleblower program, please use this form.