Greene LLP Announces $2.4 Million Settlement in Electrocution Case

Attorneys of Greene LLP announce the recent settlement of an electrocution case for $2.4 million.  The action was a wrongful death case involving an electric sign installer who was electrocuted while replacing a neon light transformer in the common area of the Holyoke Mall.  Plaintiff contended that defendants–the mall and the mall’s management company–failed to de-energize the circuit before allowing the work to be performed.

Defendants countered with the claim that the sign installer had requested that the circuits remain energized so that he would be able to test the transformer after he replaced it.  Plaintiff’s experts–an electrical engineer, a master electrician and a shopping mall industry expert–opined that industry codes and OSHA regulations required defendants to ensure that their circuits were de-energized during service and repair.

Moreover, the experts found that the defendants failed to comply with regulations and code provisions that required a means of disconnection capable of shutting off the power to the transformer to be located within sight of the transformer.  Defendants sought to introduce proof that decedent has worked with live power on prior occasions, which was rebutted with evidence that decedent had requested that the circuits be de-energized when he performed work at the mall on prior occasions.  The case was filed in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts in Springfield.  Judge Ponsor held three separate sessions mediating the case with counsel for the parties which facilitated a settlement of the case for $2.4 million dollars.

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