Thomas M. Greene Interviewed on False Claims Act Cases, Experience as Whistleblower Lawyer

On May 4, 2011, Suffolk University published an interview with Greene LLP Managing Partner Thomas M. Greene.  In the podcast, which is available on Legal Talk Network, Mr. Greene was interviewed by Suffolk University Law School Professor Linda Sandstrom Simard about recent changes to False Claims Act practice in qui tam cases.  Mr. Greene explained how the District of Massachusetts has become the epicenter for False Claims Act litigation, particularly since Greene’s 2004 settlement of Franklin v. Parke-Davis for $152 million. The Franklin case, which centered on Parke-Davis and Pfizer’s marketing practices of the drug Neurontin, set off a series of off-label promotion cases against pharmaceutical companies – contributing to the reputation of Massachusetts as a leader in health care fraud cases.

False Claims Act litigation has been a core practice area for Greene LLP since the firm’s inception.  Click here to learn more about the False Claims Act, recent changes, and how Mr. Greene started a career in False Claims Act litigation.


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