Experience. Imagination. Innovation. Dedication. Results.
Experience. Imagination. Innovation. Dedication. Results.

Vast Experience Representing Business Interests In Court

Greene LLP is a leader in providing representation for businesses in Boston and all of Massachusetts. We take the steps to protect your business and finances in court. By keeping our caseload low, we can provide ample representation for you. As litigators, we know how to handle the most complex business claims.

False Claims Act Representation

Under the False Claims Act, individuals who have knowledge of fraud on the United States or state governments can sue on behalf of the government in qui tam cases. Whistleblowers who pursue such claims are awarded a percentage of monies recovered by the government – up to 30% in some circumstances.

We are a nationally recognized leader in false claims litigation. In 2004, our case set the record for the largest False Claims Act recovery in which the federal government did not intervene. Representing a whistleblower in that qui tam suit against Pfizer, our lawyers secured a civil settlement of more than $152 million for fraudulent off-label marketing of Neurontin, a prescription drug that had been promoted for several uses for which it had not been approved.

We were also instrumental in a $515 million recovery from Bristol-Myers Squibb Company in a False Claims Act case involving off-label promotion and improper pricing practices. In addition to pharmaceutical fraud, we have also handled cases involving fraud by defense contractors.

Resolving Issues In Insurance Bad Faith Cases

Oftentimes, it is impossible to resolve a dispute that should be settled until difficult insurance coverage issues are resolved. When coverage clarification assists our client, we will initiate coverage litigation, sometimes at no additional cost to the client. We have been able to resolve our clients’ claims on favorable terms once we demonstrated to the insurer that coverage exists. We also represent individuals in insurance coverage litigation, successfully demonstrating how insurers often refuse to pay contractual benefits such as disability payments as part of a larger bad faith scheme to avoid paying valid claims.

Understanding How To Handle Professional Malpractice Claims

We have been a leader in the field of professional malpractice, handling claims for legal malpractice, accounting malpractice and professional misconduct by financial advisors.

We have handled cases in which lawyers ignored their duties to a corporate client and permitted business deals to go forward that favored their own interests and those of the company’s principal shareholder; claims where lawyers failed to inform their clients of the true cost and risk of expensive litigation that only benefited the law firm; and cases in which tax accountants abused their client’s trust by selling abusive and highly lucrative tax shelters.

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