Greene LLP Announces $1.6 Million Settlement of Back Injury Case

Greene LLP announces the recent $1.6 million settlement of a construction site accident on behalf of a construction laborer.  The firm’s client was working for Cicconi & Sons Construction Company excavating pieces of sidewalk in Boston when, he alleged, he was struck in the back by the bucket of a backhoe, rendering him disabled.  The $1.6 million settlement redresses the client’s loss of earning capacity and medical expenses.

The complaint alleged that the operator of the backhoe had a duty to ensure that the work zone was clear of workers before swinging the backhoe’s bucket into position over the work area.  The complaint also alleged that the defendant negligently failed to assign a foreman charged with the responsibility of communicating by hand signals with the backhoe operator to ensure that the work area was clear before the backhoe bucket was swung back into the work area.

Greene LLP’s client sustained significant injuries to his lower back, including disc extrusion, an annular tear at L5-S1, and impingement of nerve roots, leading to cortisone injections and two microdiscectomies, and alleged that these injuries resulted from being struck in the back by the defendant’s backhoe.  The client has incurred approximately $50,000 in medical expenses for his treatment and surgeries.

Attorneys Thomas M. Greene, Michael Tabb and Ilyas J. Rona represented the plaintiff, with assistance at all stages of the litigation by Dr. Palko S. Goldman.

Greene LLP is a complex civil litigation firm in downtown Boston, Massachusetts.  Its attorneys have been highly successful in litigating personal injury cases, setting records for the highest verdict for the death of a child in the state and the highest recovery resulting from a commercial airline crash.  The firm’s attorneys have also had a number of successes in construction site cases, including $5.2 million on behalf of an injured masonry worker and $3.6 million on behalf of a laborer who died in a scaffolding collapse.  With a medical doctor on staff and state of the art litigation technology, the Greene team is well positioned to handle any personal injury case.

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