Using RICO Against Pharmaceutical Companies Subject of Trial Magazine Article

The November issue of Trial magazine includes an article by Greene LLP attorney Thomas M. Greene entitled “A New Weapon In Pharma Cases.”  The article discusses several legal elements of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, and how they may be satisfied in cases against pharmaceutical companies for fraudulent off-label promotion of drugs.  The article draws heavily from Greene’s experience in the In re: Neurontin Sales & Marketing Practices multi-district litigation, in which Greene is Chairman of the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee, and from a 2010 trial in which a jury awarded a $142 million RICO verdict to Greene LLP client Kaiser Foundation Health Plan.

Thomas M. Greene was previously profiled for his work in Neurontin litigation in the September 2010 issue of Trial with an article entitled “Justice After a 14-Year Battle.”  Click here for a .pdf version of the November 2011 article, or here for more information about the Kaiser case.

Greene LLP attorneys have led the way in litigation over improper marketing of drugs by pharmaceutical companies.  In addition to the Kaiser case, the first successful RICO case against a pharmaceutical company, Greene LLP attorneys were the first to successfully argue that off-label promotion can lead to false claims against the government under the False Claims Act.

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