Why Choose Greene LLP?

Greene LLP specializes in representing plaintiffs in complex civil litigation. Handling both business disputes and serious personal injury claims, we believe clients are best served when their lawyers share their economic interests. Consequently, we handle most of our cases on a contingency basis. We believe clients will receive more creative and more valuable legal services when their attorneys are not billing them by the hour. Our beliefs are substantiated by our consistent delivery of outstanding results for our clients. We represent individuals and businesses.

We represent Forbes 400 companies and insolvent estates. We have represented rock stars and working persons. And we have delivered for all of them. We work in all courts, but sometimes we do our work so well that our clients do not have to go to court at all. We excel at negotiation. But we recognize that our clients will not receive the best results unless we are prepared to prevail at trial. We accept only cases we are willing to try.

We are quite different from most of the other firms that undertake litigation. Here are some of our distinguishing features:


Our lawyers have been litigating complex civil disputes for more than twenty-five years. We know how to move our clients’ cases skillfully. And we know how to counter strategies our opponents use to delay. Our lawyers know what it takes to move a case to a successful conclusion.

Imagination and Innovation

Sometimes a lawyer has to know more than the relevant law. Sometimes, to obtain justice, you have to develop innovative legal theories that will allow your client to prevail. We have done this, repeatedly. From winning, and keeping, the largest verdict ever awarded for the death of a child in Massachusetts, to allowing world famous musicians to recover for copyrights and songwriting royalties improperly taken, to making unfaithful directors and officers repay the corporations they abused for their own personal benefit, we have repeatedly expanded the bounds of the law for the benefit of our clients when necessary.

Innovation at Greene LLP is not limited to those cases that present cutting edge liability issues. As information technology has exponentially increased the amount of paper and electronic documents that may contain critical evidence, we have been a leader in mastering digital and electronic discovery. Unlike most firms, we do not rely on outside consultants, but have in house electronic discovery experts as part of our team. Our professionals have efficiently handled millions of documents in individual cases and our state-of-the-art systems allow us to find the most important document even if it is buried under thousands of pages or millions of bytes.


We believe clients receive the most value when lawyers have the same economic interests as their clients. We specialize in handling complex matters on a contingency basis: we get paid only if our client recovers. Under this arrangement, we have every incentive to move our clients’ cases as quickly as possible. When our client collects more, we collect more. And if we fail to do our job, the client owes us nothing for our time. We get paid only when we produce results. That’s dedication.

Moreover, we have made a conscious decision to limit the number of cases we take. Because our attorneys handle fewer cases, we can devote more attention to those clients whose cases we do accept. This allows us to master the smallest details. We will find every fact that will allow our clients to win and be able to advise our clients of every factor that can affect a matter’s outcome.


Ultimately, a law firm must be judged by the results it achieves for its clients. The best firms achieve superior results year after year. Our lawyers have repeatedly achieved outstanding results for our clients. Whether it has been receiving the highest settlement arising out of an airline crash, winning the largest verdict for the wrongful death of a child in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, or recovering a $152 million settlement on behalf of the United States, at the time the largest recovery under the False Claims Act achieved without the intervention of the U.S. Department of Justice, we have always worked to recover as much as possible. Whatever the setting, whatever the type of litigation, we have repeatedly produced for our clients.

Experience. Imagination. Innovation. Dedication. Results.

These are the reasons clients select Greene LLP to represent them.