Experience. Imagination. Innovation. Dedication. Results.
Experience. Imagination. Innovation. Dedication. Results.

Lawyers Knowledgeable Of Industrial And Construction Site Accidents

Industrial and Construction Site Accident cases are challenging because when many persons are working on a complex project, it is difficult to reconstruct events and determine responsibility for unsafe conditions. Moreover, defendants inevitably attempt to blame the victims for working in hazardous environments.

Because of the nature of these sorts of cases, it is vital to retain experienced attorneys who have the skills and resources to maximize the recovery of compensation. Greene LLP has been doing that for over a quarter of a century. Our lawyers represent individuals receiving injuries in construction-type cases throughout Massachusetts. We take the time and effort to understand your case. While negotiating to settle your case, we will take your case to court if no appropriate settlement offer is forthcoming.

A History Of Providing Results

Despite the difficulties in trying these cases, we are particularly adept at representing workers injured in residential, commercial and industrial site accidents. We have successfully handled cases involving:

  • Scaffolding and staging collapses
  • Wall and roof collapses
  • Falls through unprotected floor openings
  • construction elevator and material lift accidents
  • Structural steel collapses
  • Electrocutions
  • Other matters where serious injury or death resulted from violations of industry standards and government safety codes

We personally know local experts and investigators who can testify on your behalf. Our understanding of the causes of such accidents provides you with an advantage in any case or settlement. By giving every case the attention it deserves, we have a proven record for success.

Advocates For You

If you or a loved one received injuries in an industrial or construction accident, call our Boston office today at 888-465-4050. You can also contact our office by sending an email.